[Z] - Jump

[Left, Right Arrow] - Movement

[Arrow Up] - Climb tree

Little squirrel trying to survive in dangerous forest. Eat nuts to gain stamina, find Nest to gain addition life.

This is my first Game Maker project XD

Trying to be Tokyo Jungle like, lots of feature in mind but not done yet, probably will continue polish this for a bit.


last-of-nutz.zip 2 MB


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I Like the idea of this, though the hit box on the trees are a little wonky, and I ended up climbing on air. I love the four colors you used, and like the other commenter, I think something to better distinguish the nuts and nests would be cool. The music is nice and relaxing, and I certainly think this could be polished into a little fun game. For a first try, this is pretty nice. B)

Nice contrast in the four colours. The details in the trees make it unclear as to what such objects are. I assumed that they were all nests, yet once I collect a certain number of whatever is in the trees, I just end up dying.

The upwards movement is also very unstable. The simple act of moving up a tree causes the squirrel to move at a slant, making the journey upwards more difficult than it should be.

I mean, it is an interesting premise for a game. I don't really see that many games about squirrels, and this one's got some nice backgrounds to it as well as the squirrel graphics. It just needs more stable controls and a clearer objective. Because as of now, it seems you only wander aimless around a given area until you get bored and die. I'm looking forward to the continued polish. (ps add some sounds too! :) )